Why is Pokémon Go just the same as your business?

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The saying goes “Gotta catch ‘em all” and the concept of Pokémon Go could be aligned with business. Love it or hate it, think about it; whilst you’re sitting around waiting for leads to come in, there’s hundreds of Pokémon clients out there being snapped up by other trainers competitors. Your job is to ensure you get yourself out there and bring in the right clients or customers for you. And you’re not going to do it by sitting around waiting for them to come knocking at your door.

Speaking seriously though, how are you being noticed? How are you aggressively bringing in leads? And then look at what Pokémon Go is doing. Think about how it’s spreading its brand exponentially and impressively. Social media right? Friends share with friends, who share with friends and social media platforms such as Facebook, with the use of their clever algorithms, put a specific products or services in front of like-minded people with similar interests. For example, people into computer games, who do a lot of walking, of a certain age, who own a certain mobile phone etc.

pokemonAre you on your customer’s map?

This applies to all products, whether you’re a used car business, a plumber or a wholesaler, getting active on social media is the starting block to getting yourself in front of the correct business types or customers. There’s so much more to this when you then start exploring paid social media, re-targeting ads, Google AdWords and SEO, which all manipulate who sees your product purely based on the type of customer you’re wanting to target, thus you catch the leads and not one of your competitors.

Find out more about how we can help you target the correct businesses or customer demographics tailored purely for your business. With a wide menu of services, there’s always something The Bright Click could be doing to help you catch the next lead.

And of course, happy hunting.

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