Why the automotive industry should be using social media more

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Coloured cars in a jarTwitter, Facebook and Instagram are not just for teenage girls, you know! People from all sorts of businesses and industries are quickly learning that social media is your one stop shop for simultaneously building your brand and gaining new customers online, and when it comes to social interactions online the automotive industry is lagging behind.

 So car dealers don’t fret! Our top tips for using social media to boost your business should help get you on the right track.

Show off your products
Instagram and Pinterest are a car dealer’s ultimate secret weapons online. Not only do they let you build up a stylish and stunning looking portfolio of what you have on offer, they also allow potential customers to covet and share their dream cars with all their friends.

A happy customer says it all
Using the likes of Facebook and Twitter to share photos of happy customers with their brand new purchase will do wonders for your business. Not only will the customer and all their friends and family share the photo, loads of potential new customers will see this free publicity and become aware of your business. Good reviews and messages of thanks directed at your online profiles also give your business a good name.

Interact and engage
Up to date and engaging social media platforms give your business a more personal vibe that allows customers and potential customers to contact and converse with you directly. From asking questions about the cars you have on offer to enthusing about how great a new model is, social media is a great way to be a part of the conversation and get to know your target audience even better.

From driving sales to steering customers in the right direction, get online and get social today!

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